Samsung Smartwatches – Some great choices for 2022

Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is rated as one the best overall smartwatches of 2022 and Samsung has refreshed its Galaxy Watch 4 design with the introduction of two models, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Samsung has installed a brand new chipset into this smartwatch with additional storage. It is powered by Android Wear OS, allowing access to a larger variety of apps.

In the inside, these two models are identical with the difference being the external look. The standard Galaxy Watch 4 has a slim, sporty look while the Classic emulates a more traditional timepiece with leather straps and a rotating bezel.

One of the significant trends for smartwatches is the enhancements of health and fitness features. Here Samsung has added more features to the Galaxy Watch 4 with a body composition analysis, enhanced sleep tracking and snoring detection.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was introduced in 2019 and was a notable improvement to its predecessor. It was available in larger sizes with more battery capacity as well as additional fitness tracking features where the sensors used for tracking were refined.

This smartwatch has a digital rotating bezel with vital health and fitness features such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

With its recent software update, Samsung has given Galaxy Watch Active 2 many of the features found in Galaxy Watch 3.

This smartwatch is for consumers who want a robust health and fitness tracker that looks great.

Galaxy Watch Active

Also released in 2019, the Galaxy Watch Active represents exceptional value for money. It is a lot smaller than other smartwatches and is designed for those who want a light, compact look and feel.

This smartwatch is not as advanced as its Galaxy cousins, however it offers all the basic health and fitness features along with a few extras such as workouts and sleep tracking.

This device measures 40mm and also boasts a digital rotating bezel.

Galaxy Watch Active is for consumers who want a dependable health and fitness tracker at a budget price.

Galaxy Watch

Launched in 2018, the Galaxy Watch remains an epic smartwatch.  It has the largest battery life of any Samsung smartwatch and has proven its exceptional build quality over the years.

Originally launched with a premium price-tag, this smartwatch is now in the affordable bracket and is a smart choice for consumers wanting a smartwatch with a long battery life that delivers great health and fitness tracking features.