Foldable Smartphone Shipments Increase by 571% in Q1

According to the latest DSCC data, Foldable Smartphones continue to display very high growth rates, with Q1 of this year ending on a 571% growth rate versus the previous year’s quarter.  Sales for Q1 were 2,22 million shipments.  Although not a record for quarterly sales, this puts the trajectory of shipments for the year on a very positive sales track.

In Q1, clamshells continued to dominate with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 maintaining its leadership position and accounting for just over half of all sales at 51%.

This share was followed by Galaxy Z Fold 3 in number two position.  With its other foldable devices, Samsung continued to dominate the market by achieving a 74% share.

Huawei Pocket 50 made significant inroads into the market, impacting both the top two Samsung models.  Pocket 50 was largely responsible for taking Huawei’s share to 20%, highlighting the popularity of clamshells in this sector.

Market projections estimate that total shipments will reach 16 million by the end of 2022.