Samsung SmartThings Find has 200million registered devices

Samsung has reached a milestone of 200 million registered “nodes” on SmartThings Find, indicating the increased popularity of the search for misplaced items.

TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Mobile Experience Business stated “We’re proud and excited to se the rapid growth of the SmartThings Find service.  In less than two years, 200 million devices have opted in to help fellow Samsung Galaxy users find their misplaced devices – making it one of the fast growing services at Samsung.”

This service uses Bluetooth Low-energy and Ultra-wide band to locate and find items.

Once registered to the SmartFind Things network, any Samsung Galaxy user can locate their devices, wearables or Smart Tags. 

This service has the added advantage of enlisting the help of nearby Samsung Galaxy users where these nearby users who are registered to the service can relay the item’s approximate location securely and anonymously.  Device IDs on the network change every 15 minutes and are encrypted.