Competition heats up in the foldable arena in 2022

Consumer needs and Company goals are set to align this year with a renewed vigor and focus on foldable phones. Foldable phones offer the best of both worlds with a big screen for work and movies and a changeable version for everyday use.

These phones have had a perpetual flaw of high price tags and glitches with hinges, screens and durability leading to a less than ideal customer experience.

As technology progresses and price engineering is brought into play, the playing field has opened up with more companies set to enter the market. Previously foldables were not part of core strategy, however Samsung changed the game plan in 2021 with its Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Galaxy Z Fold 3 as a series. August 2021 saw Samsung hit their best ever sales with Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Hauwei Technologies, Honor & Lenovo Group’s Motorola announced their plans for top-of-the-range foldable devices in 2022, with Huawei launching its P50 Pocket phone on 23 December 2021 in a major live-streaming event.

Chinese brands Xiaomi & Oppo both launched their debut version of a book-like Android in 2021. Oppo’s Find N flagship device addresses one of the biggest screen issues with no visible crease.

Also in 2021, Microsoft and Royole launched their second generation models.

Rumours abound for foldables within the TCL, Realme, Vivo, Google and Apple stables.