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Improving lives, one conversation at a time

We believe that communication can transform people’s lives. By facilitating the exchange of ideas and information and enabling businesses through and with our smart solutions and high degree of expertise, we’re helping to make the dream of efficiency a reality for people across the world.

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Our Vision

We believe in a connected world, where technology serves to unite people rather than divide them, and helps create a global village.

Our Mission

We continuously innovate in our quest to deliver world-class telecoms technology solutions and supply management services.

Our Values

We do the right thing, always and we respect all our stakeholders. Trust, Customer Success, Innovation and Equality are the building blocks of our value-system,

Our Commitment

In everything we do, we’re honest, transparent and ethical. We’re accountable for the decisions we make, and we stand by our commitments.

Our unique selling point

Our revolutionary Service offerings


We scour the world to find cost-effective, cutting-edge technology that works, and we work closely with major global device manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver mobile distribution, procurement and sales solutions.


We provide automated cellphone and mobile device warehousing facilities including stock management and pick and pack services.


With over 20 years’ experience in handset distribution for the smartphone market, we ensure you always have stock. Make us your first-choice distributor of mobile phones and tablets.


We enable the mobile supply chain by providing logistics services including both bulk deliveries and direct to customer (B2B) services.


Our technical expertise and commitment to customer service shine through in our call centre and technical service centre offerings.


As a global mobile distribution player, we connect device manufacturer brands with consumers through a comprehensive portfolio of multi-touchpoint channel management and field services.

Our vast range of products

Evercomm excels in finding cutting-edge products and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


As an approved Google Partner, we deliver some 1.5 million smart devices annually which include most major SA brands.

We also have our own proprietary brand of GSM-enabled devices, marketed under the Hurricane Mobile brand.

Broadband (MBB)

Internet connectivity can transform lives by giving people access to educational and business opportunities that would otherwise be beyond reach.

Our routers and MBB solutions are helping to make distance and geography irrelevant.

Notebooks & TV's

4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) and digitisation are the way of the future – and that’s a future that we’re helping to bring about through our digital solutions.

By placing more power in more hands, we’re contributing to a more inclusive digital economy for all.

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Our valuable suppliers

We are honoured to work with these leading global technology brands and OEMs. Over the years we have nurtured enduring business relationships with key suppliers, and built our reputation on our ability to source exactly the right solution for our customers needs. When only the best will do, contact Evercomm for access to the very best in innovative telecoms hardware.

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Our team is standing by to help you find business solutions based on innovative technology for your warehousing and distribution requirements.