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Oppo & OnePlus Merger – Leveraging Technology

Oppo & OnePlus have always had a close association, however the merger of OnePlus into Oppo in late 2021 sealed the deal on this relationship. Oppo and OnePlus fall into the Chinese multinational BBK Electronics stable, along with other brands including Vivo and Realme. Both brands will continue to go forward under their unique names, however it is expected that OnePlus will increasingly integrate Oppo technology.

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5G Set To Revolutionize Our Digital Lifestyle in 2022

The experts agree, 2022 is the year that 5G technology will advance at a faster rate than ever before, bringing revolutionary technology in its wake and becoming a key influencer in our everyday lives.

Qualcomm’s Enrico Salvatori, predicts that 5G will be an exciting year for consumers where their experiences will be enhanced by 5G developments in both handsets and networks. He expects that 5G will become even more widespread in 2022 where in addition to commercial networks, operators will launch 5G stand-alone networks, leading to far higher speeds and quality of service.

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Competition heats up in the foldable arena in 2022

Consumer needs and Company goals are set to align this year with a renewed vigor and focus on foldable phones.

Foldable phones offer the best of both worlds with a big screen for work and movies and a changeable version for everyday use. These phones have had a perpetual flaw of high price tags and glitches with hinges, screens and durability leading to a less than ideal customer experience.

As technology progresses and price engineering is brought into play, the playing field has opened up with more companies set to enter the market.

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5G Set To Become The Dominant Global Mobile Access Technology

According to the Ericsson’s Mobility Report, 5G will become the dominant mobile access technology based on subscriptions globally by 2027.

Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to account for 10% of all global subscriptions, with South Africa leading the adoption rate in the region. By 2027 5G is poised to account for 50% of all global subscriptions, reaching 75% of the world’s population and accounting for 62% of global smartphone traffic.

This global growth is due in part to strong demand in China and North America, coupled with the decreasing prices of 5G devices.

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