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Combining technological products and services, Evercomm partners with leading companies to create new business expansion opportunities offering a wide range to cater for the unique needs of our consumers.

We carry a wide range of leading brands such as Huawei, Mercer, Acer and Lenovo

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Samsung Smart TV’s

Open up your smart 4k TV experience with Samsung’s Range of UHD Tv’s with PurColor, making your viewing experience realistic. The powerful 4K crystal processor allows you to experience vivid colour due to its sophisticated colour mapping technology. Samsung Smart Tv’s also allow you to mirror movies or music from any of your devices with a simple tap. Evercomm carries a wide range from 32”to 65”and above.

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Skyworth Android TV

Skyworth's 2nd-Generation AIPQ AI display processor can detect and enhance both audio and visual content dynamically. The advanced HDR10+ high dynamic range further enhances your viewing experience as it reproduces images more realistically. One click is all it takes to open up Google Assistant, watch movies or listen to music.

Evercomm carries a wide range from 32”to 65”and above

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