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We deliver complete bespoke solutions that will assist with your digital enhancements and end-product development.


We are fearless when it comes to challenging the status quo, and we’ll never stop being curious about better ways to do things.


In every solution we design, we’ll always put your needs first – after we’ve understand your digital requirements.


We are reliable, honest and accountable in all our dealings, and offer consistency in quality and performance.


Our holistic sourcing solutions begin with liaising with OEMs on research & development to ensure that every product we import is optimised for the local market and for local conditions. Evercomm procurement teams rigorously test and examine each new product – we’ll only recommend a solution if we’re convinced that it’s right for you.

We have built up excellent relationships with a global network of suppliers. As part of our Sourcing offering we audit manufacturing plants to ensure that they can meet our stringent product quality standards. This means you can be confident that any solution we provide will be fit for purpose, now and into the future.

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Evercomm is at the forefront of the global supply chain revolution. We have invested in top quality automation technology so we can deliver cost-effective, highly efficient storage solutions. Our world class warehouse has 40 000m2 of secure, usable space. Our inventory management and just-in-time delivery expertise mean that we can help you hold optimal stock levels, rather than tying up capital.

Time is of the essence in every modern transaction, and that places a premium on efficient handling of goods. We offer streamlined breakbulk and bundling services, and complete traceability of all items and actions.

Choose Evercomm as your trusted warehousing solutions partner and gain ultimate peace of mind through our state-of-the-art warehousing management solutions.

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We offer specialised distribution capabilities – our ability to meet your short-term distribution needs means that you can focus on more strategic goals including growing your business and adding value. We have years of experience in import facilitation and delivery to distribution centres.

We have also built up a significant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability, which gives us the ability to digitise many of your admin functions and esesential needs.

Distribution is a vital business function – when you entrust it to Evercomm, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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Other Services

Field Service Managememt

We offer a comprehensive channel management solution, including field service agent management to create meaningful interactions with your customers in retail environments. We recruit, train and manage professional field service agents who reflect your brand values as they capture vital audience data. They are also proficient in winning over new customers to your brand and increasing your market share.

With market intelligence, you can gain a vital competitive edge through sentiment and behavioural analysis. This can all be supported through POS merchandising and promotional activities – ensuring your brand gets noticed in crowded retail spaces.

Standing out is the key to retail success – Evercomm, will help boost your brand awareness amongst consumers, and convert them into loyal fans.


Exceptional customer service does not end with the sale. With EverComm’s aftersales service solutions, you can deepen brand loyalty and build lasting relationships. We can provide the technical expertise to deliver call centre and technical centre services that strengthen your brand’s value offering. Customer service is frequently cited as a major driver of brand loyalty and purchase decisions – EverComm can make yours better.

When things go wrong (such as a replacement or repair to a device that you have purchased from us), you need a reverse logistics partner that can close the circle and convert a dissatisfied consumer into someone’s who’s impressed by your commitment to customer service. From answers to helpdesk queries to warranty fulfilment, EverComm is your solutions partner of choice.

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