Galaxy Unpacked – Breaking the rules of what’s possible

The mega event of 2022 is almost here, and after so many leaks and abundant speculation, all will be revealed about the new Samsung Galaxy S22 range, on 9th February at the Galaxy Unpacked event.

Samsung have launched a teaser video online which is headlined “Ready to break the rules”. Samsung’s comment to this teaser video is “Ready to break the rules of what’s possible? The new epic standard of smartphones is almost here, experience it soon.”

Probably the most comprehensive communication from Samsung is that from Mr. TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business Samsung Electronics. In his press release, Mr Roh states “At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll introduce you to the most noteworthy S Series device we’ve ever created”.

Obliquely referring to the much heralded new S22 Ultra, which is expected to be the very first of the Samsung S series to have an S Pen compartment, previously only associated with the Samsung Note series. It is expected that the new Galaxy S22 Ultra will replace both the Samsung S21 Ultra and the Note 20 Ultra. This is hinted at in the video where the visuals depict two phones becoming one. In his news release, Mr Roh says “Get ready for the ultimate Ultra experience”, confirming the name of the phone, namely Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Mr Roh expounds on the remarkable camera that the new S22 Ultra will boast, with his comment is “With it you will own the night – taking the best and brightest photos and videos you’ve ever captured with a phone. You will also dominate the day with power, speed and tools that can’t be found elsewhere. You will enjoy cutting edge innovations made possible thanks to the smartest Galaxy experience yet.” Mr Roh’s description of the new camera indicates that the new S22 Ultra’s night time pictures will be brighter and have even better visual display.

The official invitational trailer for the Unpacked Event has “Break the rules of light” as it’s pay-off line, lending further credence behind the expectation of a significant innovation in its camera.

The countdown continues…

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